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About Us (continued)

Never an organisation to shy away from a challenge, Raw Talent then embarked on a very ambitious movement called Urban Growth. The aim of the project was to take so called urban (black) music out of its traditional settings i.e. Night Club, Bars, and Community Centres; and place events in Theatres, making them into showcase theatre productions. The showcase comprised of newcomers, semi established artists, and established industry acts.



For the newcomers; Urban Growth is an opportunity to win a Development Bursary and share the stage with established acts.


For the semi established performers; Urban Growth is an opportunity to perform in front of a large audience and hone their craft in comparison to the established acts.


For the established industry acts; Urban Growth is a great opportunity to showcase their material to a large Buying Market, thus improving their sales potential. Plus, Urban Growth is a chance for the established acts to Give-Back by sharing advice with the up-comers.



Many top performers have been associated with the Urban Growth movement: Lethal Bizzle, Sway, Monsta-Boy, Science (Big Brother), Steady (Flawless Dance Crew), Boy Better Know (Skepta + JME), Roll Deep, Star Boy Nathan, Lee Ramsay, QMX Dance Crew, Asher-D, Bashy, Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” all star remix (Rukus, Precha, Alex Blood, Malik), Fusion Dance Crew, Ms Scarlet, N-Dubz, Tinie Tempah, Gigs, Delinquent & LRG.

Winners of the Urban Growth top Development Bursaries:

Dwaine Hayden (soul/rnb vocalist), Mouth (street dancer), Beat Bandits (grime/dubstep collective), Motor Mouth (beatboxer).

The Urban Growth showcase has so far graced many wonderful midlands based venues with heats & Grand Finales such as: Albert Hall Nottingham, Assembly Rooms Derby, Haymarket Theatre Leicester, Sheffield City Hall Theatre, Albany Suite Britannia Hotel, and The Y Theatre.



From participating in the Urban Growth showcases, we have seen many of the acts involved go onto achieving huge success in the music industry & the international arena.



Long Standing Raw Talent member, Ms Scarlet embarked on an independent solo single release via her own record label; Sexy Chocolate Music. Ms Scarlet’s song “Let’s get Physical” reached No.1 in the UK txt Download Charts. The song remained No.1 for 3(three) weeks, No.3 the following week, and then No.5 the week after. A total of 5(five) weeks at the top of the charts. Ms Scarlet gained much deserved attention, highlighted by a summer performance in Ibiza.

Raw Talent have now entered a new phase.


It has always been our ambition to deliver positive, uplifting, and beneficial activities/programs/events........... But! Through greater research and study we have learned that there are Higher Standards to be met than just our Good Intentions.


Because of this we are making a clear distinction between the 2(two).

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Nuevo-Delinquent ft Kcat Nuevo-Gigs Nuevo-JME Nuevo-Lethal Bizzle Nuevo-N Dubz Nuevo-Skepta Nuevo-Starboy Nathan Nuevo-Steady Flawless Nuevo-Sway Nuevo-Tinie Tempah Nuevo-Roll Deep Nuevo-Ms Scarlet Dwaine PerAss Mouth UGHL ugf08 BeatBandits3 UGF09 MotorMouf MS Scarlet CD Cover ''lets get physical'' MASTER Nuevo SaintBUTTON Nuevo SinnerBUTTON