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RAW TALENT was conceived towards the end of 1999.


For those of you who know the following names, you will be familiar with certain members of RAW TALENT : "Most Wanted crew", "Ricochet", "The Unique-Sound", and the MOBO nominated best unsigned act "Impeccable". (Members from these groups initialised the start of RAW TALENT )


Raw Talent's initial aims were to write for, produce, and develop artists, putting them on the right road for music deals. Essentially, helping artists create the music they wanted to create, and showing them how to make a living through music.


The opening years were very exciting and a huge eye opener for Raw Talent .


Raw Talent member Lee Wolfe followed up his "Stars in your eyes" success (as Will Smith) by signing a record deal with the famous pop band "N-Trance"


His first single was released and reached number 35 in the national charts ( Top 40 hit )


Raw Talent member Denzie teamed up with garage outfit "Monsta Boy" , who remixed his Hip-Hop/RnB club smash "Sorry" into a UK garage anthem. The song is now regarded as a classic and still "brings the house down" whenever played.


This song was also a Top 40 hit , reaching number 25 in the national charts


Locally ( East Midlands ) Raw Talent member I-Cas had a huge hit with his Hip-Hop remake of the "Rocky movie anthem - Eye of the tiger"


This song was the Hot house band' number 1 for several weeks. The song was also the start of Raw Talent's charity and community work involvement. The limited edition of I-Cas's "Eye of da tiger" sold out within 4 days with profits going to the NSPCC.


Raw Talent then embarked on a national school tour with proceeds going to the NSPCC.


Although Raw Talent members had secured some fantastic gigs in Japan, Tenerife, Aiya Napa, Greece, Kazakhstan, Germany, Sweden, Norway (to name a few) N-Trance and Montsa Boy were unable to follow up their initial singles.


After the school tour, a lot of schools showed interest in Raw Talent coming back into schools to do after school clubs or lunchtime clubs to deliver various workshops. Raw Talent developed the idea and put on a weekly youth event enabling under 18's from many areas to come and: D.J., sing, MC, rap, dance, and socialize.


This event took place every Friday evening at a central venue in Nottingham .

It was great! And attracted over 300 youths p/w.


From this event Raw Talent have given many young people a chance to experience a recording studio and put together a youth band that performed at the Nottingham Carnival.


Raw Talent also had 2(two) of there young acts performing at the Blackpool International Performing Arts Competition , and Raw Talent member Rian-B was voted the best entertainer by his peers.


The more established senior Raw Talent members worked together on "crew collaboration songs". This proved to be a successful venture as Raw Talent were entered into the " Darker than blue" search for a star national competition and won £2,000 worth of D.J. equipment in reaching the grand final.


In the Nottingham inner-city communities, Raw Talent ran a very popular urban music video training programme, giving youths the chance to experience the various aspects of making a music video. The videos were displayed at Broadway Cinema to the delight of hundreds of young people and the local communities.


Raw Talent became very popular with schools in the East Midlands training pupils after school to; dance, rap, sing, mc, write songs, D.J., fashion designing, music video production and spray art.

Raw Talents good community spirit saw them embark on a project that was designed to unite the youths of Nottingham and bring an end to the non-sensesical black on black violence between different areas of the city.


The Project was called Stop The Violence with youths from different areas working together to produce a movie/documentary, music video and sound-track.


The Raw Talent Stop The Violence project was supported by appearances from top black British music artists and International Reggae artists who each gave valuable preventative advice. Artists in the Stop the Violence documentary included Ms Dynamite, Artful Dodger, Mis-teeq, Omar, Vivian Jones, More Fire crew, & Oxide n Neutrino (to name a few)

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Following the tragic but violent murders of several youths in Nottingham & the Midlands Raw Talents positive local message of Stop The Violence was catapulted to a national level and there local campaign became one of the biggest Anti Gun/Drugs campaign in the UK .


The campaign was sponsored by the Blues & Soul Magazine, Choice FM, and MTV Base, with a national tour being organised to take the message to 10 UK cities. On the tour with Raw Talent was Ms Dynamite, Lisa-Maffia, Big Brovaz, Fallacy, TY, Nasty Crew (Including Jammer, D Double E, & Kano) and Shola Ama (to name a few).


Raw Talent's Stop The Violence CD reached n.o. 52 in the National Urban Charts and inspired many local organisations to follow suit with more & more youths wanting to work on positive music related projects.


Following the Stop The Violence tour, Raw talent members went to Germany and performed to 70,000 people at the DASFEST music festival. Several other members went to Rhodes and performed in the popular tourist resort Faliraki, developing a residency for future Raw Talent acts/events at the Matrix Club.


The Raw Talent collective have been invited on several occasions to perform at Christmas light turn on's, so far in Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough, Leicester, Beeston, Netherfield and Arnold, sharing the stage with The Honeyz, A1, Fragma, Flip n Fill, Suga Babes, Laslowe, Sarah Whatmore, The Magnets, & Freddie Kofi (to name a few)

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The Raw talent organisation then embarked on discovering and developing the best club tracks by artists in the East Midlands to have on there nationwide distributed compilation CD series Diamonds in the Ruff, and Uncut & Raw.

Diamonds in the Ruff is a mainstream club compilation CD featuring well structured, hooky RnB, Hip Hop, Reggae/Dancehall, Vocal Garage & DnB songs.


Uncut & Raw is an underground club compilation CD featuring heavy basslines and allows freedom of expression (e.g. explicit lyrics) in the format of Soul , UK -Grime, Hip Hop, Bashment and Bassline House songs.


Through music Raw talent have developed partnerships and working relations with many club music labels such as: Ministry of Sound, Locked On, All around The world, stealth, Jet star, Green Sleeve, and Hed Kandi.


Raw Talent currently run a popular under 18's event in Nottingham highlighting the best up & comers and delivering the most banging sounds of the time to hundreds of youths from across the region. Raw Talent also work with local promoters, colleges, and university societies holding residencies at several night clubs like The Bomb night club, popular for its association with BBC Radio1 & 1Xtra.


Raw Talent have had vast amounts of media coverage and reviews by many top TV shows, magazines and broad-sheets, such as: The Sun, Blues & Soul magazine, News of The World, Smash Hits, Shout, The Voice, Pride Magazine, ITV-1, BBC-2 News Night, BBC Breakfast show, GMTV, MTV, Newsround, Channel-5 (to name a few)

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