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Raw Talent specialise in the delivery of enjoyable, educational, & progressive Enrichments programs. Having supplied many schools, colleges, youth/community centres, County & City Councils, plus leisure services we are well equipped to meet your needs

Raw Talent DJ Tuition (with DJ Nico D)

Training young people to select and mix Vinyl or CD’s. Developing skills & confidence, encouraging youths to entertain and when possible arrange a school disco or youth club event to display there abilities. Very popular for 10-25 year old, email [email protected] for bookings or click image to contact DJ Nico D


Raw Talent Dancing Tuition (with Rachael)

Teaching young people routines in various dancing styles (mainly club/disco/street dancing), encouraging them to perform in or create a dance show/showcase. Great for keeping fit & developing rhythm & co-ordination, especially suited for 10-25 year old, email [email protected] for bookings or click image to contact Rachael


Raw Talent MC-ing/Rapping Tuition

Training young people to write and structure lyrics/rhymes. Developing vocal range and installing confidence to perform their vocal abilities to peers. A brilliant self esteem building program, especially good for developing English Language skills. Age range 10-25 year old, email [email protected] for bookings


Raw Talent Video Making Sessions

Taking young people through the various stages of making a short film/music video, story boarding ideas, basic acting techniques, to getting behind the camera & filming. Nurturing concentration & patience skills, a very exciting activity for 13-25 year old, email i[email protected] for bookings


Raw Talent Spray Art Sessions

Encouraging design and artistic talents, by supporting young people in designing various items (e.g. banners, backdrops, flyers, leaflets, posters etc), using this interesting art style to capture people’s attention. Only suitable for 13-25 year old, email [email protected] for bookings

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Raw Talent Drama Classes

Using Drama to tackle real life issues by supporting youths in developing free form/unscripted ‘thinking outside of the box’ plays which require audience participation. Brilliant for developing confidence, communication & presentation skills, suitable for 13-25 year old, email [email protected]  for bookings.

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Raw Talent Beauty Therapy Tuition

Training young people the basic skills in beauty

therapy to help develop there confidence, self esteem

and emotional wellbeing. Classes suitable for 13-25

year olds email [email protected]  for bookings & more details


Blessed Health is a small natural health company helping people restore their mental physical and spiritual lives, through detox, prayer, relaxation, nutrition and exercise.

email [email protected]  for bookings & more details

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